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Not posted in a while.

Not posted for a bit, due to work, editing Hand of Glory and a general can’t be bothered mood with regards to the net. Have received Touched by Wonder, and read it. I am humbled and proud to be in … Continue reading

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Important, least to me.

Two important things on the blog to day, least important to me. Another morning and another batch of spam in the inbox. But among the spam are replies to my email queries for Hand of Glory..   I have so … Continue reading

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Biting the bullet

Well, I sent out the first email agent query for Hand of Glory this morning. Back in March I submitted the “hook” for Hand of Glory to a “Got Hook” exercise being run on an agent’s blog. The comments were … Continue reading

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All change!

Today is the first day of the rest of my life, to parapharse the famous quote. My youngest daughter is decamping to University today, and for the first time in 23 years this is house will be a offspring free … Continue reading

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Do I have to have subject lines?

I hate having to think up a subject header each time I post. In fact in future I am thinking of just putting a date and time Not much happening on the submissions, except that my short story, Jac, which has … Continue reading

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Done but not dusted

I have finally finished the first draft of Hand of Glory. This has been a pig to write. Each chapter has been like pulling teeth. I have been so wrapped up in some of the elements of the story I feel … Continue reading

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Dan mentioned it below. I had a run in with a fellow poster on a forum. I am still trying to figure out what I did wrong, how the poster arrived at the stated view of me and my writing, … Continue reading

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Hit on the head

A number of friends in the writing community have hit me over the head with regards to my last negative post. Lesson duly learned. Will be positive and stop moaning. Having computer trouble at present in more ways than one. … Continue reading

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Destorying the Dreams

Let’s get the submission update out of the way. Oracle. Still the same. 2 UK agent submissions (sample chapters slush pile type) and one US query letter. 2 publisher slush pile submissions, 1 requested sample (had a bit of conversation … Continue reading

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FlashSpec Volume Two.

  The flash fiction story I sold earlier in the year has just been published.

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