2012 Mainstream, Western, and Non-Fiction Read – So Far

Concluding recap of what I’ve been reading this year, we look now at Mainstream, Western, and Non-Fiction. Below are the fifteen books I’ve read this year and one I just started.
Books I enjoyed and am likely to read another by that author get a B. C means it was okay but I wouldn’t go out of my way to read another of that author’s output. Those that get an A are my best reads in this field this year, so far.


The Watch; Roy-Battacharya, Joydeep; A
The Tiger’s Wife; Obreht, Tea; A
The Prisoner of Heaven; Zafon, Carlos Ruiz; A
The Curious Incident 0f the Dog in the Night-time; Haddon, Mark; B
Caleb’s Crossing; Brooks, Geraldine; B
The Complete James Joyce; Joyce, James: B
The Yellow Birds; Powers, Kevin; B
The Education of Little Tree; Carter, Forrest; B
Fobbit; Abrams, David; B-


The Sisters Brothers; deWitt, Patrick; B
The Authentic Life of Billy, the Kid; Garrett, Pat. F.; C


The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire; Gibbon, Edward; C
Guns, Germs, and Steel – re-read; Diamond, Jared; B
Hidden in Plaint Sight; Thomas, Andrew; TBD
Reality,: A Very Short Introduction; Westerhoff, Jan; B

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