Cancer and the Beaches

Apart from the fact that I have no fashion sense whatsoever, me and clothes have enjoyed a very shaky relationship over the years. Me and women’s clothes have an even poorer history. I do not understand why fashion is the way it is though I suspect it is men’s fault. We men tend to want to enjoy more of women’s bodies than they seem willing to reveal. Comes now the matter of science to take up the cause of men, which we always knew it would. Consider this headline: Now, all those beaches in Mexico and the Caribbean and the south of France make so much more sense, don’t they? In the interest of women’s health, instead of wearing a pink ribbon, I’d be willing to support a movement towards more topless beaches or even backyard spas. Enthusiastically endorsing as well as plagiarizing the sentiment from another blog, I can only echo the encouragement to women to “let those puppies breathe!”

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