Head colds and rejections

Started with a stinker of a head cold on Saturday, managed to work Monday, but yesterday and most of today has been a blur seen over the top of my heap of bedding.

Strange, when I am ill the whole house becomes one turned upside down mess. As two other people at present live here with me, how come??? Am I the only one that puts things away and washes a cup????

As to rejections, the agent said no thanks to my sample chapters, though they did say they would like me to keep them in mind for future projects. Think they were just being polite to be honest. No other feedback, did not expect it.

Anyway submissions at present;


Out with publishers;

query = 1

sample = 1

Full manuscript (don’t get excited both these publishers ask for the whole thing on a slush pile submission basis) = 2


Query = 7

Query plus sample 5 pages = 1

Hat man;

publisher sample chapters = 1 Going to query this in two weeks as publisher has had it over four months now.

Llafn Meistr;

Agents sample chapters (submission slush pile norm for UK agents) = 2 Also coming up to the three month mark, will query after another one.

Short stories;

The Giving of Adela = Aberrant Dreams (Need to check on turn a round time)

Full Circle = Fantasy Magazine (e-zine) (Need to check on the turn around time)

Jac = Curiouscatpress Gothic romance/horror anthology. This has passed through the first reading.

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