Sue, Steve, Neil, and Fritz

Interesting to me is to follow Sue’s progress whilst experiencing no discernible envy. She has the dedication to the vineyards that must ultimately reap huge benefits while I piddle away in the rocky dry wash beds. Sue submitted three stories to Neil; Steve submitted five; I submitted one. Not surprisingly, I had much less success than they did.

My story had not the flavor Neil appears to be going for this time. I am not comfortable with Gothic. Never read it; have never had the inclination to attempt it except in partnership with Sue and she drove that bus. From the Flashspec thread at sffworld, that seems to the be the way Flashspec II is going.

To change the subject: am reading Fritz Lieber, Lankhmar – Swords and Deviltry, the first three stories in his Fafhrd and Gray Mouser series. This edition was published in November 2006 though the stories were written in the 1970s. The man had a talent that I had not previously recognized. Consider this line: “Day ran away over the ice-fanged western horizon, as if she were afraid of the dark.” Besides fitting into the mood of the story – the Snow Women have magic to be used against Fafhrd and he fully expects that they will employ same this night to thwart his plans. Who, besides Fritz and myself, would realize that day is female?

Of course, my guru – the Melbourne mavin – would take exception to his opening eleven paragraphs that set the scene for the story that follows. Describing the Snow Women and their society takes time but the feast to follow would make no sense without setting that table. Anyway, this is good stuff. Now, I have to go find Swords Against Death which, according to the last page of the current volume, is due for publishing in April 2007.

Ideas percolate.

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