Cons and possible rejection.,

Not posted for a bit.

Reasons are various, not all good.

I spent Easter weekend in Chester at Eastercon. Had a good time, enjoyed the event and the company. Learned a lot more about the industry of publishing. All in all it is, no matter what others will tell you, no different than any other industry. Sales, work produced on time, getting the best possible deal and more bang for your buck rule it like any other. That the product is the written down imagination of one person doesn’t come into the business end. It is a product. This is both comforting in a way, because I know now I can produce a good “product” of this kind. It’s just, like any other product, it has to find the right market.

Anyway, only the families of want to be writers see their frustration and temper when the rejections come, unlike those that venture into the “Dragon’s Den” (I love that show!) a whole nation sees them sobbing when their wind up and go invention goes puff!!!

In submitting my work I am at least honest in not expecting it to make it past the first cut and am presently suprised when it does. A query I sent out in early November, one I thought was dead, sprang back to life this Tuesday gone. Said agent requested one long synopsis and the three chapters. Said agent said on their blog awhile ago that of every 35 sample chapters requested on average they ask for only three full manuscripts. So having sent my sample off I don’t expect to get any further. I am very cuffed to get this far, though. I am hoping that perhaps all the other old queries might produce the same fruit as this one. If I can hit the target once then maybe a couple of times and each time I will learn something (improve the long synopsis for one)

A other reason I haven’t updated is that on arriving back from Eastercon I went down with a stomach bug. Food posioning? A bug? Or eating food I don’t normally do these days,(It is rare I eat a lot of heavy, cooked meals) who knows??? But it beat the hell out of my planned week. I was off work, so intended to get a couple of days in writing. This did not happen *sigh* only just got round to working on HOG, but it is plodding along well enough.

As to rejections, got one this morning for Llafn Meistr.

As to acceptences got one before I went away for “Thorns” a flash fiction of about 750 words , submitted to Flashspec Vol 2….. Need to get Dan to update the site lol….

So current submissions are as follows.


Out with publishers;

query = 1

sample = 1

Full manuscript (don’t get excited both these publishers ask for the whole thing on a slush pile submission basis) = 2


Query = 7

Query plus sample 5 pages = 1

Synopsis/three chapters requested from query US norm = 1**** nice to do get this far

Hat man;

publisher sample chapters = 1

Llafn Meistr

Agents sample chapters (submission slush pile norm for UK agents) = 2

Short stories;

The Giving of Adela = Aberrant Dreams

Full Circle = Fantasy Magazine (e-zine)

Jac = Curiouscatpress Gothic romance/horror anthology.

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