God-Darned Patches

A day passes, the mind ruminates on the last story – The Cowboy and the b-ren – and light begins to glint through the holes in same. When holes appear; you get out the god-darning needles and begin to knit things up.

The chronodisplacement engine had a statistical accuracy of +/-3%. For an excursion of 1200 years, you’d get 36 or so years. That wasn’t enough for what I wanted to do so I planted the rumor of 30% discrepancies. No problem, right?

Well, the can opener was supposedly lost in the 1880s and now they are finding pop tops in the 1580s. That deserves a patch, I think. Two possibilities occur: (1) The earlier exploration party had also been displaced by 300 years and neglected to tell the scientists about the pop tops. Unfortunately, that begs a question of why they told the scientists they’d left a can opener behind. So, possibility #1 gets immediately discarded leaving possibility 2: a different exploration team partied in the 1580s and neglected to mention leaving their pop tops behind. Guys do things like that so that patch ought to fly.

The b-ren ought to have been programmed for 1880s Arapaho. That version Arapaho would not work in 1580s Wyoming as all languages evolve over a 300 year time span. Okay, the ladies were Cheyenne so out-dated Arapaho didn’t matter. But, how did the b-ren know it needed 1500s Cheyenne? Maybe that’s why the ladies took off; they were insulted by the way Pointer was butchering their language.

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