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In an ancient and mystical world, visions of possible futures can only be seen by a Glimpser. A Glimpser is not born, but made, by the pseudo-scientific actions of a religious sect, the Inner Ring. This sect is bent on bringing about the return of the Goddess’ prophet, the Seer, to lead them into an era of secular power. Oracle is one such Glimpser, an autistic Cassandra.

The maelstrom that exists in Oracle’s mind is mirrored in its world, for Timeholm is in the grip of an industrial revolution. Steam power is now king; trains criss-cross the land, huge smoking factories tower over once sleepy towns. The governing body, the High Forum, is under attack from within by reform-minded activists. The rigid class system, once the glue that held it all together is being challenged by a bill brought forth before the legislature that will empower the bond contract workers who supply the fuel of the new industrial progress.

 Oracle’s arrival at a train station sets in motion a series of events that plunge Captain Pugh Avinguard into the heart of these turbulent times. Pugh has been charged with the protection of Joshua Calvinward. Train crashes, riots, terrorist shootings, and Calvinward's life being taken by unknown hands the day after his moment of triumph on the floor of the High Forum, all plunge Timeholm into chaos.

 Laced through this is Pugh’s personal horror, for the person Oracle once was, was his wife, who by a twist of fate is partly restored to him, yet in the wings the Inner Ring are waiting to claim her. Pugh is forced to act when she is kidnapped, The siege of the building to rescue her takes place during a warped ceremony to complete, in the Inner Ring’s eyes, Oracle’s complete conversion into the re-born Seer. But in the chaos that ensues, Oracle becomes for a small time the avatar of the Goddess, herself, destroying the Inner Ring and removing its hold on both religion and state. Together, Pugh and Oracle will live to see the implementation of the law that Calvinward worked to bring into existence, and the dawn of a new age in Timeholm's history.


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