Llafn Meistr

Llafn Meistr









The Kingdom of Haflen is reeling from seven years of bloody civil war. The land trampled under the feet of the Mor-liedr, mercenaries brought in by the pretender to the crown, James Del Mark.

In the midst of this bitter conflict the guild cities have grown fat from supplying the needs of the various armies. The greatest of these cities is Volesford, whose guild masters and merchants believe they are safe behind their strong stone walls, their neutrality assured. But soon the war is coming to their gates; the country's future to be decided on whether this one city will stand or fall, and on whose side?

Not just mankind is suffering from the landís destruction. The Dieflyn are dying, elemental creatures whose links with the land are being destroyed by the spiralling conflict. If the Dieflyn died, so to in time would man, for the Dieflyn are the yeast in the bread, the thread in the needle that binds all life together. Terribly, the Dieflyn cannot act to save either themselves or the land. Only man has the power to undo what he has done. So the creatures hope, dream, and look to the heavens for aid.

The young true King, Stephen, struggling to bring peace is forced to turn to the old enemy of the north, the Gweithiwr Haearn, known as the Clan. Proving worthy of their trust the Chwaer of the Clan offer the young King a sword like no other: a symbol of hope for both human and Dieflyn, the promise of peace for the dying land.

The task of forging this blade falls to Gwilym Ffowc, youngest of the Clan Llafn Meistrs. But his dream of forging a perfect sword as a seal and gateway to a better future soon becomes a nightmare for Gwilym. Very wiftly, he finds himself trapped in the besieged city of Volesford, accused of witchcraft, and faced with the horror of forging the blade over the body of his love - quenching it in the blood of his friends.


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