The Hat Man

The Hat Man

Chapter 1








Albert could only remember bits and pieces of his past at any given time. He was, as his side kick, Daniel, the fire drake, said, “Mad, bad and dangerous to know, and had the habit of dropping you in it on a regular basis.” So now, when Jack Tumbledown, royal spy and the youngest of the King’s brood of children crossed his path Albert managed to remember he needed to watch, wait, and nudge things in the right direction.

Jack would soon hire onto the first convoy of the season to cross a magical wastelands in the heart of the country called the Weeping Lands. His mission was to take to his father, the King, a puzzle box that had once been the possession of the last Great High Mage (who just happened to have been Albert). It was also a box that Barnaby Clifford and his mentor Lady Macfee would stop at nothing to obtain, and as far as Albert was concerned it was the final ingredient in an explosive mix, that Albert suddenly recalled he had been waiting to come together for a long time.

But as far as Jack knew it was the least of his worries, for he found himself tumbling not only from one adventure to another, but through time, desperately trying to keep himself, and others, in particular two young ladies whose fates seemed locked to his and Albert’s, alive. But it was all part of a cunning plan, Albert told him. Least Albert hoped so, if he could remember it all. They just had  to save the world, and get rid, not only of Barnaby and Lady Macfee, but  a thousand year old flea problem, well actually the evil High Mage Mallen, who was behind everything, naturally. 


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