Hand of Glory



1917- In the mud of Passchendaele Capt Robert Hardy is caught on the wire. He believes he is dead, lost and forgotten. While trapped he witnesses the murder and mutilation of a fellow officer, Lieutenant Tennant, by Albert Hawkins.

Hardy is rescued by Corporal Adams. Both are sent back down the line for treatment to their wounds. Their path crosses Albert Hawkins. The ambulance carrying them is caught in a night time bombardment. Hawkins sets about looting the wounded and dead, he also intends on killing Hardy, whom he suspects has recognised him.  Adams stops him. In the scuffle, Adams is killed.

Hawkins flees the scene and hides with a family of thieves. He makes a “Hand of Glory” from the hand of the murdered officer, Tennant. He deserts from the army, and with the daughter of the family, Marie, murders her parents. They then come to England, intent on using the Hand of Glory to commit robbery after robbery.

1922- The small town of Stafford, England. Robert Hardy is home, trying to fit back into civilian life. He is haunted by the past and by the ghost of Adams, who informs him he has to free those trapped by the hand within the hand. Hardy believes he is slowly going mad, still mentally lost in the mud of Passchendaele.

Hardy is not the only one returned home to Stafford.

Agnes Reed a former army nurse and cousin to Lieutenant Tennant does not want to return to the stifling middle-class world she came from. Hardy finds in her both a friend and soul mate, who helps him solve the puzzle of the Hand of Glory.

Albert Hawkins, who with his gang of thieves arrives back in the town he hated as a young man. Using the Hand of Glory, Hawkins tears into the heart of the small rural town, leaving a trail of death and destruction in his wake. Agnes and Hardy, aided by the ghost of Adams, bring Hawkins to justice and break the demonic hold the Hand of Glory has on Hawkins’ victims. The lost can finally come home and rest, so too can Hardy.



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