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Chapter 1

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My life story would fit on a postage stamp. I was born in the Shire - Staffordshire - and spent my childhood roaming round a small village and the surrounding countryside, day dreaming (an affliction I have suffered from ever since) when I didn't have to attend school. I am married and have two wonderful daughters of whom I am very proud.

Ten years ago I decided to write a novel, just to see if I could actually do it. Between the idea of wanting to write a novel, and actually managing to do it lies madness. A nice sort of madness that becomes addictive. You see on finishing you realise that the monster novel you have sweated over is not as good as you thought it would be. So you begin again, and again. Each time improving, and wondering what you are going to do with these novels.

It is then, for me at least, I thought, ok, what’s the next? I had been writing just because I enjoyed it, the research, being actually able to put the thoughts in my head down on paper. Being published happened to professional writers, not middle-aged women hobby writers. But what the heck I thought, why not try, it is only going to cost postage and time.

Right; just time! Ha!

Six plus years of trying, each time getting closer, getting annoyed, writing more, then suddenly faced with an offer from an agent, and a chance at a new life at the age of 55. After the panic and fear had settled (six months I think) I realised I need to grab this by the scruff of the neck and enjoy every moment of it.

The agent:  John Berlyne at

Sales to date:

My flash fiction story, "Aftermath," Flashspec Volume One, edited by Neil Cladingboel, published by Equilibrium Books. The story was also among those nominated in the SF short story section for the Aurealis Awards in Queensland, Australia for 2006.

My flash fiction story, “Thorns,”Flashspec Volume Two, edited by Neil Cladingboel, published by Equilibrium Books

My short story, "All things Seen," Touched by Wonder, edited by Jackie Gamber, published by Meadowhawk Press. Part of the profit from this book is being donated to Breast Cancer awareness

My short story, "The Dance," Ruthless Peoples Magazine Vol 8

Flash fiction, “Softly the Pipes Play,” Golden Visions Issue No 9Jan-Mar 2010

Flash fiction, “Sabre-Tooth,” Alien Skin Feb-Mar issue 2010

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A bit of writing: First chapter of a little something called Hand of Glory;