Skin Talking



Thoughts For Our Daughter


Onslaughts of pain surging through our days

Describing the horror in a multi-media haze

Where being human hurts and not being human is worse.


Accepting the terrible beauty of this world

Seems to argue against the bleakness unfurled

In the spray of these myriads who seem limited to their curse.


A norm is thought but never found

Described in terms that just go round

And round and eat themselves, like the worm, Ouroborous.


Failing this norm turns childhood into an eternal scream

Where others attempt to bend you to their regime

With pills, as if leveling a chemical imbalance can make you one of us.


But you are not the sum of your chemistry

And no amount of sophistry

Can hide the fact we do not know who you are or why.


We are fairly absolute that we function in a way that you do not,

That not knowing how you function frightens us a lot.

That converting you to us seems as rational as anything else we might try.


But sanity cannot be administered with a pill

Since it is neither viral nor bacterial

But something riding the waves of the multiverse.


Everyone ever born has been expendable

Since everyone ever born has been terminal.

Assaying anyone’s value is more often than not sheer futility.


Wake to another day and then another after this,

Find kindred souls trekking through the bliss

Striding step for step, pushing forward in coherent stability.


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