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II write and I write. Some folk enjoy my writing and that keeps me writing. The table of contents on the left summarizes my output fairly well though there are scraps, fits and starts, bits and pieces laying around my files and on my computer . What appears on this web site constitute most of my work over the last two decades. In the mid-nineties I devoted a year to writing, every day, at least five hours. Two and a half novels, a handful of short stories. No sales ensued. The Lady Who Shares Her Life With Me opined that our creditors deserved some recompense; I returned to the work place, my writing confined to off hours for the next 10 years. In 2004, I retired for real and now get to spend time writing again. Life is good!

My writing always deals with my world. This may be true for most writers but story ideas for me come from what I read; what I see, what I hear, what I wonder about. For example: The Wrong War presents a fantasy world of multiple races.  Written in that wonderful year, 1994, The Wrong War gave me a chance to discover what I think about issues such as heroism, duty, honor, country. My experience in these issues accumulated during 20 years service in the U.S. Army. The first book in the series, Buying Time, contrasts the participation of a prince and an anonymous clerk, a commander and a private soldier Ė in the first battle of the war. This war is prosecuted by a people who believe their goddess demands the action. The map owes its professional style and effect to the efforts of Richardb - a friend from sffworld - who transformed my scribbling into what you will see here.    The second novel, Mistakes in Translation, turns to the warmongers to look at things from their perspective. The third novel, None of Our Wishing, changes viewpoint yet again to examine a third people about to be sucked into the conflict and why they might choose to enlist. In the supporting documentation you can learn about the language of magic used in these stories, that it is derived from the Wade-Giles Romanization of Chinese Mandarin. You can also view the map of the world of this wrong war.

I wrote the Prequel eleven years later in 2005, to describe how the White Elph reached the decision to go to war. The prequel, as well as the series title, suggest their judgment was faulty.  Prequel contradicts the novels indicating a need for editing/re-write of the first two books to accomodate the ideas in Prequel.

In the supporting documentation you can learn about the language of magic used in these stories, that it is derived from the Wade-Giles Romanization of Chinese Mandarin.


The Midlands presents a series of 31 consecutive scenes integrated into a coherent tale. The protagonist, a woman I know well, suffers from voices in her mind. She enters the Midlands, a halfway point between the Real World and the True World, hoping to find relief. I am satisfied with where the story stands after scene 31 but I suspect an editor would demand a more satisfying finish.


My early short stories began with In the Eye of the Avatar, written in the early 1990s. All the other stories listed in this section were completed in that fateful year 1994.


Angeles Arrien wrote a maintenance manual for people growing old titled The Second Half of Life. The Who I Am stories are my effort at implementing her strategies. But, when you have a title such as Who I Am, other things find their way into the category, things like the blog I kept for two years at sffworld. That blog is here presented in sub-categories which, when summed, do a fine job adding to the mystery of who I might be. There is still much work to be accomplished here.


The Lesser Greek Gods jumped from several sources, The Teaching Company courses taught by Daniel Robinson, The Great Ideas of Philosophy, and Elizabeth Vandiver, Classical Mythology. And Thomas Cahillís Sailing the Wine Dark Sea, Why the Greeks Matter. Well, from those sources and BrianCís encouragement.


Kevin Radthorne wrote some very good books titled The Tales of the Tonogato. At his web site, http://www.kevinradthorne.com, you can find information about his books but, more importantly for me,  you can find samples of the computer art he produces. His art tends to stimulate my story telling so that you get tales identified as Tales From Radthorne's Art. and the self-published book: I Blame It On Kevin.


Iíve been reading Chaucer since high school. The Tuesday Tales just naturally flowed from that interest. Pilgrims to Canterbury - Doctor, Teacher, MBA, Soldier, Priests' Nun, Skifton Wife, Bureaucrat, Old Woman, Alien and Singer - spend their journey on the cruise ship Tuesday in friendly competition regaling each other with tall tales and true. I self-published these stories using the Lulu service. You can buy this book at http://stores.lulu.com/store.php?fAcctID=2931245


The Teaching Company's course: William Shakespeare: Comedies, Histories, and Tragedies taught by Prof. Peter Saccio introduced me to amazing background facts about Shakespeareís plays. Amazement always equals a story so you get Tales From Shakespeare.


The stories grouped under Miscellany came from a wide variety of sources. Ah, Duende, for example, developed after listening to How to Read and Understand Poetry, a Teaching Company Course by Prof Willard Spiegelman, combined with an urge to point people to Alison Croggon's poetry. The Iake Alternative derives from contemplating an actual event in Yaqui Indian history. Two Hands developed from a conversation with Kevin Radthorne who was traveling in Japan at the time.  Lyric and Waltzing Antje came from song lyrics that I needed to get out of my head and the scroll in University has been a prized possession for 4 decades. Little Jo comes from an old cowboy standard called Little Joe the Wrangler. The Corruption of PP4605 derived from an exchange with Sue concerning early Australian history and the voyage of a floating brothel. I wish I knew where The Anti-christs came from. All I can report is that it started with a scene clearly visualized.


And, then, there is sffworld.com's flash fiction contests, run monthly. I rarely win but I always enter because I always have fun. Over the months entering these contests I discovered a bar where I really enjoy spending time. There are more than a handful stories that have come to me in The Chapel and they were all entered into into the flash fiction contests.


A friend once referred to a poem I wrote as a rhyme. I am in no position to judge whether my efforts under Poetry constitute valid exercises of that art or can be judged as no more than verse.  I appreciate there is a difference; I just canít apply the standard to my own stuff.





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