Seven Threads and Afterwards


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Welcome. Our names are Susan J. Boulton and Dan Bieger.

This is our place to discuss what we've written, for better or worse, as it goes.




We're together here because we wrote Seven Threads on-line as a collaborative effort. provided the venue, threads on the Forum bulletin board, seven threads for seven stories. Equilibrium Books designed the cover and published the book. In the seven very different  fantasy and science fiction stories, angels, demons, mages, linguists, gods, godesses, as well as some ordinary folk cavort about the pages having almost as much fun as we had recording their antics. For more information about the stories, check the Seven Threads page. 


Before and after Seven Threads, we were writing, sometimes together, more often alone.

To enjoy samples of Sue's work. check the Sue - Afterwards page.

To sample Dan's stories, check the Dan - Afterwards page.




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